Getting Around Charleston

Charleston International Airport
When you are looking to travel to Charleston, South Carolina, the quickest way to get to town is by airplane. Flying into the Charleston International Airport will get you here quickly and there are a number of shuttles in town that provide transportation from the airport to your hotel or other destinations. The airport also has several information centers to help you locate a particular attraction or other activity.

Charleston Water Taxi
If you are looking to get across the bay or just see some of the attractions on the coast, check out the Charleston Water Taxi. The Water Taxi offers trips to the downtown center as well as out to the historic Ft. Sumter and other local attractions. You can purchase tickets for the water taxi online for a particular destination or for an all-day outing on the taxi.

Charleston Rickshaw
If you want to get around town in a more relaxed and scenic method, check out the Charleston Rickshaw Company. Riding in a Rickshaw allows you to enjoy the outside weather while riding through town and taking in all the local attractions and sights. This unique bicycle taxi service will give you a tour of the downtown historic district along with a guide who can give you local information about all the sights.

Charleston Public Transportation
When you need a convenient way to get around the city, hop on the Charleston public buses. Operated by the Charleston Regional Transportation Authority (CRTA), the public bus system runs throughout the city and provides stops just a few steps from all the local activities and attractions. You can also ride the local downtown shuttle, which will provide you with a quicker way to see the historic landmarks in Charleston. You can purchase tickets at the CRTA stations or when you get on the bus. There are discounts available for certain age groups and handicap guests.

Rental Car Agencies
When you want a quicker and more efficient means of getting around Charleston, consider renting a vehicle at the airport or at any of the car rental agencies around town. Renting a vehicle allows you to get the type and size vehicle you need during your trip as well as allowing you to have convenient access to transportation any time you need. When you rent a vehicle, you won't have to wait for public transportation to get to your destination.