Special Events in Charleston

Charleston Bluegrass Festival
If you enjoy true bluegrass music, then check out the annual Charleston Bluegrass Festival. Held in April of each year, the festival features several local and well-known bluegrass artists and groups. A portion of the money collected goes to Sea Turtle Program sponsored by the Cape Romain National Wildlife Association.

Charleston International Film Festival
If you enjoy seeing new film or are interested in film making, check out the Charleston International Film Festival. The festival features a number of new film productions from amateur and young professional filmmakers who are looking to get their films more widely known. The festival is held in April and the festival includes several awards and special honors. The Charleston International Film Festival covers five days and there are several special events within the film festival to attend.

Charleston Race Week
If you like to watch sail racing then check out the Charleston Race Week. With more than 250 boats entering the event each year, the race is sponsored by the Charleston Ocean Racing Association (CORA) and has been hosting the event since 1967. As a way to promote responsible sailing, the Association also sponsors youth sailing and training for new sailors. The race is run in the historic Charleston harbor and event passes are required in order to attend or take part in the events.

Charleston Dog Show
If you enjoy animals and particularly dogs then check out the Charleston Dog Show. Held every year since 2003, the Charleston Dog Show gives local dog owners the chance to show off their prize canines as well as showcasing the particular talents of their pets. The Charleston Dog Show also includes an auction of art produced by the dogs as well as educational classes about dogs, children's activities, lessons on caring for your dog and much more. The Charleston Dog Show is a great family event and normally takes place in downtown Charleston.

Charleston Marathon
If you like running in marathons then consider entering the Charleston marathon. The marathon along Charleston's downtown area and along the coastline gives you the chance to see some very scenic and historic landscapes while getting some great exercise. Charleston's marathon also includes a 5K marathon as well as a half marathon and bike races of 30 and 60 miles. If you enjoy getting out and exercise in fantastic weather, the Charleston marathon is an event that you need to check out.