Attractions in Charleston

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens
When making a list of must see attractions in Charleston, SC, include a tour of an authentic southern plantation. The Magnolia Plantation & Gardens welcomes guests daily. The Drayton family acquired the property in 1676 and many generations later, continue residing here. The plantation survived the ravages of the American Revolution and the Civil War. Enjoy a guided tour of the plantation house gaze upon the antique furnishings and heirlooms inside. Journey to the collection of slave cabins and hear about the fight for freedom. Tour the expansive gardens filled with orchards and flowering plants that bloom yearlong.

Fort Sumter
Years of strife between the North and the South finally culminated in war in 1861 after the Confederacy opened fire on Fort Sumter in the Charleston Harbor. The fort surrendered less than two days later and the Union fought for four years but did not regain control. Enjoy a relaxing and educational ferry ride to the fort, which boasts the best collection of early seacoast artillery in the country. Listen to a brief introduction provided by a park ranger before taking a self-guided tour. The fort museum features the history of the location and houses interesting relics.

Point Naval and Maritime Museum
Journey to the Point Naval and Maritime Museum and tour the USS Clamagore submarine, the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier and numerous aircraft used in times of war. See everything from the flight decks to the depths of the engine rooms on the massive carrier ship. See the historic aircraft in the 40,000-foot hangar bay. Experience the thrill of being a pilot in the naval flight simulator. Stroll through the cramped passages of an authentic submarine and visit the many memorials on site dedicated to the men and women who served during the war.

Charleston Museum
The Charleston Museum was the first of its kind in the country and displays a variety of exhibits dating back to prehistoric times. Explore the array of fossils found in the area that include birds, mammals and reptiles. Learn how the Civil War affected Charleston and see furnishings, china and silver from that era. Explore the textile gallery and see everything from historic carpets to elaborate ball gowns. Special hands-on exhibits provide children with the chance to learn about local culture and history.

Firefly Distillery
Attractions in Charleston, South Carolina, include the opportunity of touring the Firefly Distillery. The facility makes sweet tea, vodka, and other southern favorites. Take a tour of the vineyards on the property where the muscadine grapes grow. The tea used at the distillery grows just down the road on the Charleston Tea Plantation, which also welcomes visitors. Explore the process from start to finish and sample the finished product in the facility tasting room.